Last Post: JERF Final Report

Since the tragic earthquake on 12th March 2011, the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund has been active for over one month, and finished its fundraising campaign on 15th April 2011. During this period, 39 universities and communities joined the JERF and our fund has totaled £78,334.77.


We greatly appreciate the generosity and cooperation of those who have supported us, as well as the dedication and leadership of the JERF member schools and communities.


All donations received were converted into JPY, and have been forwarded to the Japanese Red Cross Society (Please see the followings).

The Japanese Red Cross Society will transfer the funds to the Distribution Committee, which has been formed around the local governments of the disaster-affected prefectures. These funds will be distributed directly amongst the affected populations in these prefectures.


Three months later, the relief effort in Japan still continues. The tsunami literally wiped out the coastal areas. More than ten thousand people are still living at evacuation centers without privacy and thousands of people have evacuated because of radiation.


Although our fundraising campaign has ended, the reconstruction of the affected region will take years.  We hope that this charity drive has encouraged people to take further actions to support the victims. And we hope that the victims will return to normal life as early as possible.


Once again, thank you very much for your support and dedication to helping those in need in Japan.

Kind regards,


Japan Earthquake Relief Fund committee