Important Note

  • Donations can be made via Campus Group,  a globally recognised software, used by London Business School Student Association for online payment processing.
  • The money is paid via the users PayPal account into the London Business School Student Association, from where the money will be transferred to The Japan Red Cross Society.
  • Commission fee (approximately 1.9% and £0.2 per transaction) will be charged by PayPal. This commission fee is dependent on the payment method (debit card or credit card).
  • Overseas remittance fee and foreign exchange fee (from GBP to JPY) will be also charged when the money is transferred from the LBS Student Association to The Japan Red Cross Society.
  • Unfortunately, due to our limited resources, we will be unable to disclose each individual transaction. However, we plan to regularly disclose the money raised, till date. We will also publish the receipt provided once the final bank transfer to The Japan Red Cross Society has been made.